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Edit Phrase Image

You have a wide variety of images to choose from.

- High-contrast geometric shapes for low-vision children that need a simple and vibrant visual target.

- Any image from the photo library on your iPad. Use photos, drawings from other iPad apps such as Brushes, your own symbolic images, etc.

- The DynaVox/Mayer-Johnson PCS core symbol library. This set of 4500 symbols is available as an In App Purchase for only $24.99. You can find out more about PCS symbols at the DynaVox/Mayer-Johnson web site or by following this link.

You save your image edits simply by tapping outside of the image editor. This will simultaneously save your image selection and dismiss the image editor.

1. Start by selecting the sequence and phrase you want to edit. Enter the image editor by tapping the “eye” icon on the toolbar.

2. You’ll see at the bottom of the image editor a segmented control with three segments. You change the image type, Shape, Photo, or PCS, by tapping one of the three segments. After adding a phrase, the Shape segment will be highlighted. You can change the change the shape and shape color by swiping up or down on the shape or color picker wheel. As you change the shape or color, your selection will be shown in the preview button.

3. Select an image from your iPad’s photo library by selecting the Photo segment. If a photo hasn’t been previously selected, tap the “Tap to Select Photo” view. A list of your photo albums will appear. Select an album to show the photos in the album. Select a photo. After a moment the photo will appear in the image editor.

4. Select a PCS symbol by tapping the PCS segment. If you haven’t purchased a license for the PCS library you’ll be presented with an alert asking you if you want to go ahead and purchase a license. If you tap Decline you’ll be returned to the image editor. If you tap Proceed, you’ll go through the standard set of iTunes prompts to to purchase and activate your PCS library.

5. The PCS symbol selection screen lets you search by symbol title (or fragment of a title), browse symbol categories, or search for a symbol title search within one or more categories.

6. To search by a symbol title, tap the Search field and enter a search string. The search options are:

- Starts With: Selects symbols whose where a word in a title begin with your search string. For “cat” you’ll get “black cat”, “cathedral” and “cat”.

- Anywhere: Selects symbols where a word in a title contains the search string. For “cat” you’ll get “black cat”, “communicate”, and “cat”.

- Exact: Selects symbols where a word in the title contains exactly the search string. For “cat” you’ll only get “black cat” and “cat”.

7. You can browse by category or restrict the symbol title search by selecting (tapping on) a category. When you select a category a checkmark will appear and the symbol scroll view will refresh. Category folders are denoted with the “>” symbol. Tap the folder to see the folder’s categories. You can select multiple categories as well. Tap the Clear button to uncheck all selected categories.

8. You navigate through the list of PCS symbols by scrolling left or right. You can zoom in or out of the symbol list by pinching in or out to see the symbols in one, two, three or four rows.

9. When you select a PCS symbol, a list of labels appears. You can select one of the standard labels or enter your own. To enter your own, tap the cell labelled “<tap to create>” and enter your own label. Type your own label and tap the return key on the keyboard.

10. To exit the image editor just tap anywhere outside of the image editor. Your image changes are automatically saved.