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New Italian localization! See Ausilionline for more support on Italian usage or email Riccardo Caroppo at

TapSpeak Choice supports 20 text to speech (TTS) languages and 43 voices. You can select your spoken voice and scanning/auditory prompt voice from your language’s available voices (from one to five depending on language).

You get to the Voice Setup through the Settings popover.

In Voice Setup you can download additional voices and set up your speaking and scanning/auditory prompt voice.

Voice Download

You can download any and all available voices for your language. Tap the Voice Download row (from Voice Setup) to show the Available Voices list. The list will show which voices are available for download and which have been downloaded and installed.

Tap on an available voice row to show the Voice Download table. This will show you the voice name, gender, approximate age of the speaker, a voice install button and a voice download progress bar. Tap the Install Voice button to begin a download.

It will take several minutes to download a new voice. If you happen to dismiss this screen, that’s ok. The voice will continue to download. Tap on Settings again and it will show the continued progress of your voice download. Make sure you keep your device awake by occasionally tapping the screen. Otherwise, your device will go to sleep and the download will abort. If the download aborts like this, simply install the voice again.

You’ll see an alert box when the voice has finished downloading and is installed.

When the voice is installed you’ll now see it in the available voice list with the label “Installed”.

Voice Setup

You can individually set up your speaking and scanning/auditory prompt voice. Both voices use the same setup screen. Tap either the Speaking or Scanning row to get to that voice’s setup.

Here you can select a voice from your installed voices, set the speaking rate and set the speaking volume. The Test Voice button lets you hear an example of the voice with your chosen settings.

The standard speaking rate setting is 180.

When you tap the Voice row, you’ll see a table of the installed languages. A checkmark indicates the currently selected voice. Tap another voice to change the selected voice.

Supported Languages and Voices

All voices are from Acapela. All high quality voices are available for download. We may add lower fidelity voices at times to support languages’ default voice download. A high quality version of the lower fidelity voice will always be available for download.

  • Arabic
    • Salma
    • Youssef
  • Flemish/Belgian Dutch (Language = Dutch, Region = Belgium)
    • Jeoren
    • Sofie
  • Brazilian
    • Marcia
  • British English
    • Graham
    • Lucy
    • Peter
    • Rachel
  • French Canadian (Language = French, Region = Canada)
    • Louise
  • Czech
    • Eliska
  • Danish
    • Mette
  • Dutch
    • Femke
    • Max
  • Finnish
    • Sanna
  • French
    • Alice
    • Bruno
    • Clair
    • Julie
    • Margaux
  • German
    • Julia
    • Klaus
    • Sarah
  • Greek
    • Dimitris
  • Italian
    • Chiara
    • Vittorio
  • Norwegian
    • Olav
  • Polish
    • Ania
  • Portuguese
    • Celia
  • Russian
    • Alyona
  • Spanish
    • Antonio
    • Maria
  • Swedish
    • Elin
    • Emma
    • Erik
  • Turkish
    • Ipek
  • US English
    • Heather
    • Kenny
    • Laura
    • Nelly
    • Ryan
  • US Spanish (Language = Spanish, Region = United States)
    • Rosa