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Library Creation and Editing

Add a Library

First, navigate to the library layer by tapping the library icon (the filing cabinet) or swiping up on the board layer. Create a new library by adding it to the library list. Tap the Library button to display the library list. Bring up the new library dialog by tapping the “+” button. Enter your new library name and tap the Save button. You’ll now see the new library in the library list. Make sure that the Modifiable switch is set to on using the Edit Library Info button.




Add Buttons to a Library

You’ll now see an empty library. Add a new button but tapping the “+” icon on the title bar. A new button with a red button is inserted. If there are already buttons in the library, the button is inserted at the end of the list of buttons.

Editing a Button

On the title bar you’ll see two editors, the recording and image editors. These editors operate on the active button. There will always be an active button. The active button will have a red border whereas all other buttons have a grey border. Select an active button by tapping it. When you tap a button it will momentarily pop and play the buttons message if a message has been recorded.

Each editor is discussed in detail in each editor section in the user guide.

In TapSpeak Choice 2.2 and newer, there is a even a easier way to edit a button within the library. Press and hold on your newly created button that is on the board and press either “Speech Editor” or “Image Editor”.


The Speech editor lets you record a message for the button. Click the button within the speech editor titled “Spoken”. Within this you have three options to choose from; Same As, TTS and Recording.

Same as, means that what ever you have as the title of the button that is what will be said when the button is pressed. You can test the speech by just simply pressing the green play arrow.


TTS or Text to Speech, is basically the same thing as the “same as” option, the difference however is, you can have what is being said be different from what the title of the button is. In my example instead of the my button just being “Cup” I put into my TTS option “Cupcake”.

The Recording option itself is the same as it was in previous version of Choice. You record by tapping and holding the record button, speaking, and then releasing the record button. Review your recording by tapping the play button. Recordings are saved and the recording popover dismissed by tapping outside of the recording editor.

After all of the speech editing is done for the new button, just click done and changes that you have made to your new button will save to it.

Image Editor

Now that we are done editing the spoken sound for our new button “Cup”, we need a picture for it!

To do this open up your “Long Press Editor” (Press and hold your new button) and select “Image Editor”.

When you open the Image Editor you will notice that you have three options; Shape, Photo, Pcs.
Shape, lets you choose a simple geometric shape such as a; circle, triangle, square, star, etc. Next to these shapes you can choose a color for your shape. For my example in this I made a blue star for my “Cup” button.

The Photo option gives you the choice to add pictures that you have taken with your Ipad to use as the button image.

The PCS option is a option which includes DynaVox/Mayer-Johnson PCS symbols.

To find a image for our “Cup” button within the PCS option all we have to do is search the word “Cup” and press the Return button. After you have done this you will given multiple images that are related to the word Cup, such as a cupcake or a coffee cup. Since the coffee cup is what i was looking for, for this button I selected it and pressed “Done”.

As you can see now that we have finished, our button now has “Cup” as it’s title and the coffee mug as its photo.


Library Orientation, Scrolling and Zooming

The library layer supports both landscape and portrait orientations. In either orientation you can scroll through your library buttons by swiping left or right.

You can zoom out to see more library buttons or zoom in to see more detail. You can see from one to six rows of library buttons at a time. Zoom out (see more buttons) by pinching in (draw two fingers together) on the iPad surface. Zoom in (see more button detail) by pinching out (spread two fingers apart) on the iPad surface.

One row zoom level

Three row zoom level

Six row zoom level