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Board Creation and Editing

Add a Board

Create a new board by first adding it to the board list. Tap the Board button to display the board list. Bring up the new board dialog by tapping the “+” button. Enter your new board name and tap the Save button. You’ll now see the new board in the board list. Make sure that the Modifiable switch is set to on using the Edit Board Info button.

With version 2.0 you can set a board grid size. See below for more details. Select either Dynamic or a specific grid size. Dynamic automatically resizes buttons to the largest size that will fit on a board.



Add Buttons to a Board

You’ll now see a new empty board. Start adding buttons to your new board by selecting a library. Navigate to the library layer by pressing the button that looks like a filing cabinet. Choose your library from the library list, which is chosen by pressing the filing cabinet. Navigate back to the board layer by pressing the button that looks like a book.


Press the rectangle button next to the filing cabinet button to display the library picker. You’ll see all the items from your selected library on the library picker. Swipe left or right to navigate the library items. drag a button from the menu to the board below it. This is a simple drag and drop, just like you would do to drag an icon on a computer’s desktop. To add more buttons after your first button, drag you next buttons on top of the button you wish it to be next to. Continue adding buttons until you have all you need from that library. You’ll notice the board reconfiguring itself to show the largest possible button size for the number of buttons on the board. Finally, dismiss the library picker by pressing the rectangular button.


Switch Library

Boards can consist of buttons taken from multiple libraries. You can use the same core vocabulary for multiple situations and easily create situation-specific boards with buttons from various libraries.  To add buttons from another library, navigate to the library layer by pressing the filing cabinet button, select a different library from the library list, and press the book button to get back to the board layer. press the rectangle button next to the cabinet button to display the library picker, add your new buttons and press the rectangle button to dismiss the library picker.

Board Orientation

In the iPad’s landscape and portrait orientation, we wanted buttons to have the same layout and size so that relative locations and visual target size would be unchanged. When you rotate the iPad between its orientations, you’ll see that the button size and layout remains unchanged. The only difference is the spacing between the buttons.

All scanning modes operate the same regardless of the board’s orientation.

Moving and Deleting Buttons

Your board cannot be edited while it is in play mode. To move and delete buttons you need to enter edit mode. Tap the board title or the pencil button to enter edit mode. You’ll see delete icons on every button while in edit mode.

Move buttons by taping, holding, and dragging a button to another location on the board. Drag a button to another location, release your touch, and the two desired buttons will swap locations.

Exit edit mode by tapping the board title or pencil button.

Delete a button by tapping the delete icon on a button. The board will rearrange itself to eliminate the blank space. Exit edit mode by tapping the board title or the pencil button. When you exit edit mode the board will rearrange itself if needed to achieve the largest possible button size. In this example I deleted the chicken button that I added to the board.




Version 2.0 Updates – Grid Sizes and Home Board

With version 2.0 you can set the board’s grid size and define a board to be the home board. Boards can still be set to a dynamic grid size as with previous versions. The home board setting defines which board you go to when you tap a Home navigation button.

Boards with a set grid size can contain blank buttons. You can place buttons directly where you want without reordering the whole board as in the dynamic grid size. Blank buttons are automatically created on a board so you don’t have to do anything with them.

Set or change the board grid size from the board info screen. Tap the Dimension row to bring up the grid selection table.

You can select Dynamic or any of the 18 grid sizes in the list. If this is an existing board you can increase the number of buttons on a page. You can decrease the number of buttons on a board up to the last button position on a board. E.g, if a board grid is 4 x 5 and your last button is in position 16 you can decrease the board grid to 4 x 4 but no less.